Bid: $1,788.00. Notes; Note: The mint mark is incuse and … Circulated 1875 Year US Trade Dollars (1873-1885), Uncirculated 1875 Year US Trade Dollars (1873-1885), Business 1875 Year US Trade Dollars (1873-1885), San Francisco 1875 Year US Trade Dollars (1873-1885), Uncertified Silver 1875 Year US Trade Dollars (1873-1885), 1875 Year Seated Liberty Half Dollars (1839-1891), Buy: $1,090.00. When I had her weigh it and it came back 18.6 grams - she was devastated. Barber is best known for his "Britannia"-inspired trade dollar design, and his adaptation pf the long-standing Seated Liberty design for use on the ill-fated 20-cent piece, which saw circulation only in 1875 and 1876. Value: $1,006,250 Grade: NGC PR-62 Sold: November 2004; David Lawrence, Richmond Sale, Part II. Type one is used from 1873 through 1876. USA 2 1/2 Dollars Gold 1851 EF, California Gold 25 Cent 1857 Octagonal, Value and Date in Wreath, EF, Trade Dollar 1875S Bright Good VF, Dollar 1890 O EF, Half Dollar Commemoratives (2) Texas 1935 A/UNC, Stone Mountain 1925 VF, Half Dollars (6) 1825 VG, 1 Q. David Bowers (edited and updated by Mike Sherman): The Trade dollar was first minted in 1873 in response to the need for a coin to compete with the Mexican “dollar” (actually the 8 Reale or Peso) in the Orient.Weighing 420 grains, or slightly heavier (1.8%) than a standard silver dollar, the Trade dollar was intended for export only. After its long hibernation, the 1885 Trade dollar saw a flurry of activity in the 1940s, when three specimens appeared in B. Max Mehl auctions during the decade and another was offered for sale in The Numismatist. 1877 Trade Dollar pictures, facts and information. Variety 2: British Trade Dollar 1900 C For year 1900,1901 and 1902 British trade dollar minted from Calcutta. Many surviving examples attest to this as they were counter stamped with Oriental characters or chop marks. The usual trident prong area is flat and no mint mark. There is a C mint mark at the space next to the outer side of the Brittania left leg and the shield. Do you have a 1877worth $9,775? William Barber (2 May 1807 – 31 August 1879) was the fifth Chief Engraver of the United States Mint from 1869 until his death. On the reverse are Chinese characters and Jawi Malay script inside an ornamental flower. The nominal dollar value of merchandise trade also plunged in the second quarter, falling by 21% year-on-year. The same dynamic comes into play with the Carson City trade dollars of 1876 and 1878. Trade Dollars. The value for 1877 Seated Silver Dollar, key date prices and images. Trade dollars were made from the year 1873 until 1885. Time Left: 5d 9h . Mintage: Circulation strikes: 455.000 / … Uncirculated coins with … US Trade Dollar Obverse Types. The 1878 CC trade dollar is worth around $700 in very good condition. Not all fakes are marked as such. Real Trade Dollars coins sell for around US$ 20 for an average conditioned coin. If you are being offered for a lower price, then we would probably have to … This C mint mark indicates the Calcutta mint. Also please visit our Trade Dollar Grading Forum to help you establish a grade for your Trade Dollar. Silver Melt: $19.65 Value: As a rough estimate of this coins value you can assume this coin in average condition will be valued at somewhere around $95, while one in certified mint state (MS+) condition could bring as much as $3,039 at auction. The Trade Dollar might have achieved its purpose for many years had it not been for events in America. The value of an antique 1873 trade dollar varies considerably depending on where it was minted. Melt Value: $19.92 (1/9/2021) Diameter: 39mm. The Yen coin had 26.96 g of silver at that time, and otherwise nearly identical in design to the trade dollar.. 2,736,000 coins of this type were minted, the vast majority in 1876-77. See how the rare coins of the Trade Dollar Series have appreciated in value from the 1950s to today. Type: Trade Dollar Year: 1873 Mint Mark: No mint mark Face Value: 1.00 USD Total Produced: 396,000 [ Silver Content: 90% Silver Weight: 0.7735 oz. Your coin is a replica of a pattern trade dollar from the US. Some 1876 Trade Dollar coin facts. The 1885 Trade Dollar is one of the rarest issues in all U.S. coinage. I've run across 3 fakes trade dollars in the last few months. The coin states One Dollar or One Ringgit as its value. The trade dollar from 1876 is a silver coin that is easier to collect then the rare silver dollar coins as there are still plenty of these coins for sale at various online markets. A Carson City 1873 silver dollar can claim prices up to three times that of coins in a similar condition from the other two mints due to their rarity. It is worth a few US dollars. The coin in the picture is marked with COPY to indicated that it is a counterfeit. Trade-weighted dollars give importance, or weight, to currencies most widely used in international trade, rather than comparing the value of the U.S. dollar to all foreign currencies. In uncirculated condition the price is around $13,500 for coins with an MS 60 grade. The 1885 Trade Dollar, 1940s-Present The 1885 Trade dollar has followed a boom or bust pattern of activity ever since the 1940s. 1874-CC no less. Type two is used from 1876 through 1885. The Japanese Trade Dollar was a dollar coin, issued from 1875 to 1877. Monthly estimates. One a friend of my wife's showed me. This page is dedicated exclusively to the 1873 Pattern Counterfeit Trade Dollar. During the first two years of production, the vast majority of Trade Dollars were shipped to the Orient. The U.S. dollar rate shows the value of the dollar in comparison to other currencies, including the Indian rupee, Japanese yen, Canadian dollar, and the British pound. U s trade dollar values see how much dollars from 1873 to 1 ecu 1693 kingdom of france 843 1791 silver louis xiv 1638 counterfeit fake silver trade dollar image parisons 2001 vermont state quarter silver quarters how much is the 1791 and 1808 john adam dollar coin quora. In extremely fine condition the value is around $3,750. In very fine condition the value is around $1,675. It was minted of 27.22 g of silver with a fineness of .900 (90%). eBay (muenzmax07) Add to watchlist. At that time, the bullion value of a Trade dollar averaged $1.02. The U.S. Mint produced only five of these Proof coins. United States Trade Dollars were authorized under the Mint Act of 1873, which had suspended production of the silver dollar.The new silver coins carried different specifications and were struck primarily for the purpose of export trade with Asia. The obverse features Britannia standing on the shore with trident and shield in each hand, and a merchant ship in the background. Buyer beware! Trade dollars were legal tender in the United States, but their status as freely circulating legal-tender coins was modified over the years as silver prices and other economic factors influenced the situation. In uncirculated condition the price is around $2,500 for coins with an MS 60 grade. You will find a lot of information below such as mintages, specifications, and images. The easiest marker is the ribbon, as seen in the images below. rare coins at online auction Land of Coins. In extremely fine condition the value is around $700. This currency rates table lets you compare an amount in US Dollar to all other currencies. Price value from 1958 to 2015. The 1874 CC trade dollar is worth around $300 in very good condition. TRADE DOLLARS BEFORE 1879 NO MINT MARK OR S MINT MARK: worn: $120 average circulated: $160 well preserved: $250 fully uncirculated: $1000 TRADE DOLLARS AFTER 1878 NO MINT MARK: worn: $500 average circulated: $800 well preserved: $1000 fully uncirculated: $3000 TRADE DOLLARS WITH CC MINT MARK: worn: $220 average circulated: $400 well preserved: $700 In comparison, the decline in merchandise trade values during the financial crisis was deeper with a 33% drop recorded in the second quarter of 2009. Design; Obverse: Britannia standing. Be sure to visit our Trade Dollar Forum if you need help. By 1876, mine owners in western states were dumping massive amounts of silver onto the market, sending the silver price into a tailspin, dropping the intrinsic metal … The value for 1876-CC Seated Silver Dollar, key date prices and images. The proofs are sold for reasonable prices up to $3000 at coin auctions. Trade dollar value using historic charts that are easy to read. Below, you can track the dollar's value as measured by the euro since 2002. There are two types of obverses on US trade dollars. USA (30) Trade Dollar 1876 VF or better with some surface deposit, Half Dollar 1899 G, Quarter Dollars (3) 1899, 1924, 1930, 10 Cents 1943 (2), 5 Cents (2) 1867, 1941, 3 Cents (2) silver (worn), 1865, 2 Cents (2) 1864, 1865, 1 Cent (19) 1837, 1851, 1854, 1857 (holed), 1864, 1865, 1895, 1911, 1914, 1918D, 1920 (3), 1929, 1937, 1943S, 1943, 1969, 1977D, in mixed circulated grades, along with an additional group of … Save this search lovely Trade $ Dollar 1897-B PCGS MS63 (#A1) Grade: PCGS MS63 . The coin on this page is easy to recognize as a forgery as there are liberty seated trade dollars made in the year 1799. In very fine condition the value is around $525. Currency Exchange Table (US Dollar - USD) - X-Rates Skip to Main Content Reverse: Oriental designs on cross. 1876-CC Trade Dollar pictures, facts and information. Detailed information about the coin 1 Dollar (British Trade Dollar), United Kingdom, with pictures and collection and swap management : mintage, descriptions, metal, weight, size, value … Trade dollars were struck from 1873 through 1885 and specifically intended to circulate in Asia alongside other similarly sized silver coins from other nations. Do you have a 1876-CC worth $1,495? The Trade Dollars were engraved by George William de Saulles. Numismatists discovered their existence approximately twenty-five … lovely Trade $ Dollar 1902-B PCGS MS63 coin#2 (#A1) Grade: PCGS MS63 . Worth - USA 1 dollar 1873-1878, Trade Dollar in the coin catalog at - International Catalog of World Coins. She was insisting that it was real because it looked real. Liberty seated silver dollars were made from the year 1836 until 1873.

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